Sure we know there is a long history of celebrities who have smoked the joint,rolled the duby etc.Some were caught, others were lucky, Here are Just a few,
Michael Phelps:Hey MIKE can i borrow your bong this weekend!
Justin Timberlake:An activist; who reportedly sometimes smokes with his mom! He was super ston'd when punk'd by Ashton Kutcher
Nicole Richie:What a cute mugshot!!
Lil' Wayne: Well No shit he's in jail right now!

Check it out.

Snoop Dogg: Oh had no idea.
So is Sarah Silverman; she even smoked with Doug Benson in his movie, 'Super High Me'
Doug Benson: Mad the movie 'Super High Me' mocking Morgan Spurlock's, 'Supersize ME'

Super High Me Results:

Sober                                                     High
SAT:980/1600                                        SAT:1030/1600
Pyshich Ability:1/25                              P. Ability: 7/25
Sperm Count:29 Million mL                   S. Count: 73 million mL
Lung Capacity: 92%                               L. Capacity: 89%
Weight: -2 lbs                                       Weight: +6 lbs
Mini Mentals stats:27/29; 2/3 words           MM Stats: 24/29; 3/3 words



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